Marketers are finally fighting back against social media bots, according to The New York Times. As touching as it is to read about some acts of ethical behavior in the industry, from the broader perspective, marketers created the problem, and the solutions proposed in that article will not be enough to fix it. It’s like firing a gun at your chest and putting a Band-Aid over the wound. While reporter Sapna Maheshwari signals out some heroes among agencies and technology firms, what’s missing is any reflection as to how influencer marketing got to this sorry state. I described some of that in Ad Age in 2016 in the column “How to Make a Bad Impression.” I blamed buyers—whether brands or agencies—for caring about reach at the expense of any other context at all, such as frequency. The column ended with a plea: Continue reading at

Source: AdAge Digital You Can't Stop Instagram Bots by Looking. Brands Have to Stop Buying Them