Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Slack, Airbnb: How many of these products were you using 10 years ago? None of them, unless you were an early adopter of Twitter, the only one of these founded prior to 2008. They now generate billions of dollars in revenue from billions of customers—astounding value creation in under a decade. And they were founded by entrepreneurs under the age of 40, part of a new wave of creative makers who spotted market opportunities, applied their understanding of human behavior and anchored their services in mobile to create products that people now use on a daily basis. I’ve spent most of my career immersed in startups, and surrounded by creative thinkers, curious inventors and innovative technologists passionate about changing the world. The rise of advanced manufacturing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain has given birth to a new wave of business models. “New makers” are demonstrating savvy ways to leverage these technologies to create new markets and disrupt existing ones. Here are some of the new makers who inspire me. The Scientist: Rana el Kaliouby, CEO, Affectiva Continue reading at

Source: AdAge Digital This Baby-Faced Crop of Creative Thinkers Are Birthing New Models