Ad Age is changing the way we greet you in the morning to be more engaging, informative and efficient. Starting Monday, March 19, people who receive our Ad Age Daily morning roundup of Ad Age headlines will start getting the Wake-Up Call in their inboxes instead. The Wake-Up Call still wraps up the latest news from Ad Age but does it with a little more context and takeaway right there in the newsletter. It also includes marketing, media and tech coverage from other sources, making it comprehensive, one-stop morning briefing for anyone interested in the business. In short, you’ll get more info with less scrolling down or clicking through. The Wake-Up Call has already built a following as a regular early-morning roundup by our Shanghai-based Asia Editor, Angela Doland, who works while many of our readers sleep. Now it becomes even more prominent by taking over our a.m. newsletter. Continue reading at

Source: AdAge Digital Our Daily Morning Newsletter Becomes the Wake-Up Call