The only thing cooler than knowing what’s big before other people do is being the first to say it’s not cool anymore. I find this tedious. The chorus of “SXSW is over” has been growing, especially in the past couple years. And I get it, 2016’s Obama keynote is pretty hard to beat. But since then attendance numbers look pretty solid, economic impact in Austin is up and talent keeps signing on. Only industry snobs look at top tier acts, big cultural moments, and nearly half a million attendees and say “meh.” I have been rightly accused of snobbishness many times in the past, and fully expect many times in the future, but on the subject of SXSW I refuse to adopt an indie sneer. SXSW is still a thing, you guys! Continue reading at

Source: AdAge Digital Op-Ed: SXSW Isn't Over