As society lurches between glowing screens, it’s increasingly clear that living life is living with a device in your face. Luckily, a new generation of apps enhance, not overshadow, inherently analog experiences with just a soupçon of technology. Think of them as on-screen prompts to get back in touch with your meat suit. Lines This collection of time-saver apps from TouringPlans (search for the apps via the developer) helps you orchestrate a family park vacation by factoring in school calendars, economic indicators and other data to tell you the best times to visit—or avoid—destination parks. The apps (e.g., Disney World Lines) can then customize your itinerary, direct you to the rides where lines are shortest (gleaned from historical data from more than 140,000 annual subscribers) and more. Intentionally lo-fi-looking to save battery life and work within the congested parks, Lines can save up to four hours of waiting per day, boasts TouringPlans. Continue reading at

Source: AdAge Digital New Generation of Apps Enhance, Not Overshadow, Real Life