Mark Zuckerberg promised to root out data delinquent developers, but not everyone is buying his newfound zeal for privacy. On Wednesday, Zuckerberg finally broke several long days of silence about Cambridge Analytica’s reported abuse of Facebook data on 50 million users. The CEO vowed to police the platform more vigorously, and audit any developer that may have gotten access to user data. In an interview on “Anderson Cooper 360” on CNN, Zuckeberg said Facebook was preparing to review thousands of apps. “We know what the apps were that had access to data. We know how many people were using those services and we can look at the pattern of their data requests,” Zuckerberg said. “We’ll be able to do audits of anyone who was questionable.” Continue reading at

Source: AdAge Digital Mark Zuckerberg's 'half-measures' might not protect the data