Carolyn Everson, VP of global marketing solutions at Facebook, says she actually started her fix-it tour (our words) days before CEO Mark Zuckerberg ventured out to speak on the Cambridge Analytica affair. She called the company’s top advertisers on Saturday, the day after the company first acknowledged the harvesting of data from some 50 million Facebook users by Cambridge Analytica. On Monday, she sent an email to a wider circle of advertisers—an email some agency exces tell Ad Age was formulaic. Mozilla has said it is pulling spending on Facebook ads because of its apparent careleness with data, and Sonos is suspending Facebook advertising for a week in support of data privacy. And the #deletefacebook movement is starting to swell. On Friday, Silicon Valley darling Elon Musk–who has a history of social media tit for tats with Zuckeberg—requested that the pages for his companies Space X and Tesla be taken down. Everson spoke with Ad Age by phone late in the day on Thursday. The conversation has been edited. Continue reading at

Source: AdAge Digital Facebook's Carolyn Everson goes on the defense