Brand activations at SXSW, considered by some the Super Bowl of experiential marketing, have shown yet again why experiential, once viewed as an ancillary piece of a client’s marketing mix, has become the core. Experiential marketing literally brings a brand’s personality, values and attitude to life, and there’s no better place to do that than in Austin, Texas, a city that is fiercely proud of being weird. Experiential marketing creates more brand advocates than any other marketing method. It creates increased engagement and has longer ROI than other advertising mediums. According to Shaz Smilansky, who penned “Experiential Marketing: A Practical Guide to Interactive Brand Experiences,” people who undergo a live experience are likely to tell around 17 other people about a positive experience. When you do the math on the 167,800+ attendees, you can take that to the bank. This year there were the expected big spectaculars but also more personalized, intimate and authentic activations. (Think Off-Broadway plays instead of big Broadway productions.) SXSW is the perfect meta example of a powerful event where there is something for everyone. Continue reading at

Source: AdAge Digital Emotional fuel at SXSW